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Restoration and Recycling

Give a second life to your old furniture


Restoration and recycling is not only to give a fresh look to your old (or not so old) furniture, it is also kind of source that helps to save the environment, by recycling and reusing as much as possible.

An old chair which was a step to go to the rubbish container was restored and given a second chance.

Old wooden coil converted into a beautiful dining table.

A little stair from a bunk bed painted again and used as a book shelf!

I could keep going. It is so cool to have items that are unique and useful!  

Alicante furniture restorer

When I receive the furniture, it is a bit damaged and battered but I already can see the potential it has and try to convert it in something beautiful and useful again.

Often, the difference between junk store dust catcher and collector’s items is just one simple step: refinishing.

I’ve put time into learning this skill and find it very useful and profitable.


Improve your environmental foot print

Help reduce CO2 emissions

Reuse your existing products

Save money

Reduce landfill

Would like to give your favourite furniture a makeover?