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Home Staging

Make your property more attractive to sell it quicker

What is Home Staging?

Staging makes your house look bigger, brighter, cleaner, warmer, more loving and, best of all, it makes home buyers want to buy it. Instantly!

  • I rearrange furnishings and decoration to give a fresh look to your home and making it seem bigger and brighter.
  • I use neutral art and accessories to appeal to the greatest number of buyers .
  • I improve the marketability of the property

The aim of Home Staging is to repackage your home in to a marketable product, in order to create that all important ‘first impression’ to capture as many potential buyers as possible, as soon as they step in to your home.


My expertise and passion for creating memorable homes can help increase the value of your home, sell your home faster, and outshine your competition.I guarantee my experience, commitment, and professionalism to every homeowner, Real Estate agent, Builder and investor that we work with.


With my help you can reform your whole house, however, I do offer a DIY Consultation for those that need minimal help.Do you just want me to Redesign your space using what you already own? I can do that by shopping your home and rearranging your furniture while making recommendations for anything else you might need to complete the space. In case if there is a need to remove a wall, repaint, furnish an empty space or even find a gardening solution, I can help you.


This service is great for staging clients who need help with their new home or for someone that has their own ideas and just needs advice on pulling it all together.I will select your paint colors, discuss your design needs and challenges, review existing furniture, improve furniture placement, and discuss new product suggestions and much more.


Do your eyes glaze over when you enter a HomeGoods or furniture store? Would you like to freshen up your home with new window treatments, art, accessories, or even furniture but need a professional opinion so you don’t make costly mistakes? Or do you need to make new purchases to stage your home and don’t know what size or style furnishings to buy?Let me be your personal shopper. Once your budget is determined, I can shop for you or with you and select quality merchandise that falls within your budget. We will shop both online and in local stores to find the perfect touches to complete your redesign.

You are one step away from selling your house faster and at a better price